BlaBliBlou produces projects fully developped, designed and produced in-house and can bring this expertise to your benefits.

The most modern and comprehensive Belgian medical directory:, the most comprehensive directory of medical professionnals of Belgium.

Fully geo-localized, with addresses, phone numbers and recommendations. is the only independant and patient focused medical platform available on all devices.

The easiest and most complete Belgian real-estate simulator: Simu.Immo


Simu.Immo, the complete real estate project simulator, taking into account all aspects of purchasing your main home.

From the mortgage, the notary fees and city taxes to the utilities such as water, electricity and more, Simu.Immo provides a 360° view on the financials of purchasing a home.


No BlahBlah: pragmatism, action, delivery.

Professionals with 2 decades of business, IT and Digital experiences, we provide our expertise on tactical and short term missions. Our expertise is in delivering results and changes in operation. We strongly cover team organisation, process and way of working, mindset, market strategy and IT/Digital.

  • Do not expect long powerpoints or extensive analysis for the next 5 years from us
  • Expect mentoring, coaching, actions and results

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